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Why Was Idaho Priority Prescriptions Created?

Who We Are

Idaho Priority Prescriptions is a group of Idaho pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that not only work in Idaho but grew up in Idaho. Combined, our families have over 100+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In the last few years, we have taken a deeper dive into the industry in hopes of solving the problem of drug affordability and improving the entire pharmacy experience in Southwest Idaho.

What We've Discovered

The pharmaceutical industry is loaded with Fortune 500 corporations that have only profit in mind. We aren’t talking millions of dollars in profit. We are talking billions upon billions of dollars every quarter. On top of the drug cost inflation in the USA, the pharmacy middlemen often upcharge the insurance and patient hundreds of dollars and take it from the pharmacy as “fees.” A recent survey showed that when Idaho pharmacies dispense brand name medications, they can usually expect to be reimbursed LESS money by the insurance company than the price they paid to purchase the medication from their wholesaler.  Most conditions can be treated effectively with generic medications, yet only the brand name drugs are advertised on TV and the internet as the best solution. Nothing will change until we stand up to these absurd practices of price gouging patients on both brand-name and generic medications. Insurance costs will continue to rise, and hard-working, well-intentioned people will again carry even more of the burden on the healthcare system.  Where is all the money we spend on medications in America going?

Generic Medications

Next, we discovered that price gouging didn’t stop at brand-name medications. To make up for the money taken by the middlemen, (which created losses for pharmacies) patients copays for most generic medications were much higher than they should be. For example, many patients have copays of $10 to $15 per month on medications that Idaho Priority Prescriptions will do for around $4 per month. On top of this, the middlemen take even more money from the system with generics. On some Medicare plans, they set fees that take upwards of 40% of the reimbursement costs back from the pharmacy, again raising the patient copay.

The Issue

These factors have been key contributors to the mess we currently experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacies try to cut costs by running intentionally understaffed, creating huge lines, poor customer service, and unanswered phone calls, all of which can be very dangerous. Drug costs are being artificially inflated, in order for the middlemen to take “their billion dollar share” which not only increases copays it also forces Medicare patients into what they call the donut hole. This forces many seniors to go without needed medications. The middlemen and drug manufacturers have created a system that is so confusing they can take billions out of the industry without having to justify or explain anything.


Being in the industry, we have noticed one of the main barriers to keeping our patients healthy is the affordability of their medications. We will be the change in the industry in Southwest Idaho that is long overdue. We will force a change, take the money back from the unnecessary middlemen, and give it to our patients in the form of substantially decreased costs on their generic medications. We will supply a much-needed option where our patients are helping change a corrupt industry and saving their hard-earned money while avoiding pharmacy lines allowing them to spend more time with friends and family.

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